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How to Convert PPT to mp4

To create a new, fresh, and creative report what makes your viewers feel interested. It’s not easy to capture their time and attention if your report is boring and ugly.


Have you ever seen an audience be amazed of the same way of presentation over and over again?


No, that’s why it doesn’t kill anyone just to make it more livelier and make it more of a way that it captures their curiosity.

Have you experienced that? Feels good, right?

That’s why making a different and exciting report what makes it successful.

To do it, you might want to use software that can enhance your presentation. A presentation that’s still doable, convenient, and still produce the result you wanted.

Download and install Solutery PowerPoint to Video Converter.


Just click “Run Anyway” if your computer’s Smart screen pops up.
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Don’t worry your PC is not at risk; it just doesn't recognize the software or publisher that’s all. Usually, this happens if your Operating system is windows 8 and 10.

Once done, the installation will resume right away, just click “Next.


Step 1: Launch Solutery PPT to Video Converter
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Efficient at its simplest form is what you’ll discover when using Solutery.

Step 2: To add file/s either “Drag & Drop” or click the “+Add File” when you already added a file for adding multiple files.
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It will only take a moment to add a PowerPoint file. If it has a large file size, then it will take time but will not take more than 5 minutes.


Step 3: On the Output format located below, select “MP4.”
mp4 output
You can convert right away if you want by clicking the “Convert” button on the lower right.

You can add additional features to it (OPTIONAL).


Video Resolution

This is very useful when you have an Advertisement to show or a short clip video. You don’t want to pair your fantastic presentation with a video clip that is in low quality. So better use the correct resolution depending on your needs.


Background Music

This is one of the best features to make your report more interesting and innovative. This will play a significant part for your audience amazement.

To add high-quality or lossless quality is to use Solutery’s Audio Recorder. It can record lossless music on different music streaming sites. Make sure you know which subscription that gives lossless quality audio.

(Additional info)

To record using Solutery Audio Recorder is to follow these three steps:

  1. Click record button located on the bottom right.
  2. Play music on any music streaming site
  3. Click stop recording once done.


Download Solutery Audio Recorder (HERE)


Transition between slides

This is important when you need more time on a slide that needs more discussion. Adjustments will depend entirely on you. So before converting it into MP4 make sure the exact transition time is correct.

Register your software for multiple conversion of your presentations. This will help in continuous conversion without interruption. This process will only take a few minutes, and if incase an issue comes up, customer support will help you right away.