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How to Convert PDF to Word

Copying files and converting it to another format is a tedious task to do. A few years back that was the only way to do things. These type of job needs people to do the work. This kind of setup requires the budget to get the work done at a specified time.

When the age of OCR technology was developed, it made the work more convenient, save more money, and able to do more work. Software’s were developed to meet the concerns of people.


There are a lot of software’s that can do the work, and one of the best working ones is Solutery PDF Converter.

Solutery PDF Converter converts PDF file to MS office or vice versa. One of the most common data to be converted is PDF to Word (DOC or DOCX).


Download and install Solutery PDF Converter. If your Smart screen is turned on, just select “Run Anyway.

To convert the file format from PDF to Word, follow these simple steps;


Step 1: Launch Solutery PDF Converter
Launch Solutery PDF Converter


Step 2: When it comes to adding files, either “Drag and Drop” or click “+Add Files” button
Solutery PDF converter adding files

Importing files will only take a few minutes mostly less than a minute. Would depend on the file size also. When it comes to adding any PDF files, Solutery will read and add it 100%.


Step 3: Select which output format you want it to be converted either DOC or DOCX.

convert pdf to dox

Adding files will take only a few minutes depending on the archive size. For this file size, it took only less than a minute for it to be added.


Step 4: Click the “Convert” button located on the bottom right.

Converting PDF’s to the word will vary, for the file size above it took less than a minute to convert. Conversion is 100%, and no errors are usually found.


That’s it! after successful conversion; you can view the file right away by clicking the first icon on the right. The second icon is to open the folder where the file is located. This is usually done if you’re planning to transfer the file to another folder or copy it and save it to your flash drive or external hard drive.


If you think there is any error like e.g. wrong or corrupt pdf file, you can remove the file and add another one and repeat the process above.


Note: Transfer any converted file to a different folder to ensure the software to work properly as it needs resources to function properly. This will depend on the specs of your PC/laptop but if you found.


Be reminded that for you to be able to convert multiple files, be sure to register Solutery PDF Converter.

The software is free to install, and you’re able to use the free trial of up to 5 pages conversion. To test the software, you can use the free trial. To register just go to settings and select “BUY” or click the “BUY” button on the pop-up box