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Giving Importance to our Business Partners


Let’s work together in achieving success

Partnership Programs

Solutery welcomes the possibility of working with publishers, resellers and interested companies integrating our innovation in to their own label.


Affiliate Program

Owners of websites can earn by joining our affiliate programs.

Registration of new affiliates (


Publisher Program

Solutery is able to modify and for publisher’s localization of products interested in profiting from our innovation. We have successful relations from countries around the globe.


Reseller Program

Collaborating with sellers across different countries, enabling global product distribution. By contacting us, we can provide resolution to fulfill the necessities of your company.


OEM Partners

Integrate Solutery to your software or any technical services.





Our associate acquires access to our first-rate top-notch software.

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer support team are always there to help you in your enquiry.


We tailor our products to complement the label of the publishers we collaborate.

Onetime fee

Avail lifetime updates on every license you purchase.

Discounted Prices

We give discounts for wholesale purchase.