Music Recorder

Record online music from any of your favorite site including YouTube, Spotify, Pandora etc. retaining its original sound with ease.

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Why Solutery Music Recorder?

You get Everything You Need to Record Your Favorite High Quality Streaming Music

High Quality Audio Output

Highly user friendly audio recorder
which ensures supreme crystal clear audio quality.
Supports all type of music format.

Captures Title, Artist, Album Info

Apart from recording music
it also captures some of the important informations like
Title, Artist, Album etc. thus adding more value.

Silent Recorder

It captures music directly from
the core audio output and not the speaker sound
so it records music even with zero speaker volume.

Ringtone Maker

Convert your favorite music to a ringtone
using some of the latest features of our Music Recorder.
It is a perfect ringtone maker.

Skips Advertisement

Smart technology used in this software
enables it to capture only the streaming music
and ignoring all the annoying advertisements.