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Solutery Music Clean Master User Guide

How to Import Music?

Step 1: Launch Solutery Music Clean Master.
Step 2: Import Music from iTunes, Windows media, add music manually either from your computer, flash drive, or external hard drive, scanning saved music stored on a folder from your computer.

import music.png


How to Fix Track Info?

Step 1: Launch Solutery Music Clean Master and import tracks from any source or location from your PC.
Step 2: Click the first tab “Fix Track Info”. You can fix the tracks present on the playlist menu or you can add more music that needs to be fixed by clicking “+Add Files”.
Fix Track info.png

To edit all tracks present on your playlist, click the box before the word “State” to select all songs and click “Fix all” button.

If there are selected songs that need to be edited, tick the box of each track that needs fixing and clicks “Fix all” button.

You can manually edit the tags on each song by selecting the track and click “Identify” button to get the tags but if there’s a need to edit a few details then click “Edit” button located on the right side below Identify.


How to Delete or Remove Duplicate Files or Tracks?

Step 1: Launch the software.
Step 2: On the left side, click the second tab “Duplicates”. You can either add the tracks manually by clicking “+Add FIles” button.
Delete duplicate.png

When you already added all songs available then it will automatically detect any duplicate tracks like shown above.

Step 3: Tick the box of each duplicate track like shown on the image above and click “Remove” button located below. You can also try to click “Fix all” button to resolve any issue.


How to Add Album Artwork?

Step 1: Launch Solutery Music Clean Master
Step 2: Click the third tab “Add Album Artwork” and download images for cover album. If you have already images for the album, click “+Add Files” button to add the cover photos.
add album artwork.png


How to Identify Tracks not Imported from iTunes or Windows Media?

Step 1: Launch Solutery Music cleaner
Step 2: Click the fourth tab “Not in iTunes/WM”, identify tracks which are imported from other sources like flash drive or HD and add it to the iTunes/WM folder for better organizing tracks.


How to Remove Missing Songs?

Step 1: Launch the program
Step 2: Click the fifth tab, and select a track that is missing and click “Remove” button.

Usually, it happens when the track is transferred to another folder or track is not located in the source folder anymore.


How to Fix All Music?

Step 1: Open the software/program.
Step 2: Click the sixth tab, tick the box to select all tracks and click “Fix all” button located above to fix all issues. If there’s an issue not solved, you can click the tab and manually fix it.